YOU THINK, therefore I AM. 

Tulpas are beings of belief who reside in the In-Between. Unlike the majority of the denizens of their realm, Tulpas are not the souls of the living who have passed over but rather are beings of pure belief given shape and form.

Belief Incarnate.


In The Beginning

Tulpas have existed hand in hand with humanity and arose in the In-Between at around the same time as humanity first gained sapience. Formed from the prayers and belief of a race taking its first steps into consciousness they were, at first, vague and undefined, a reflection of the race that created them. As humanity grew and changed so too did the Tulpas they spawned. As humans fought wars in the names of their gods so did the Tulpas raise in power, the greatest among them were even able to even step into The World of the Living in the form of powerful Loa spirits.

 Recent History

Tulpa’s have grown and changed over time as humanity itself has grown and changed. As our species was taking its first steps the Tulpas they created were vague and more primitive in form, often taking the form of nature spirits as early humans struggled to understand the world around them. More recently Tulpas have multiplied in shape and power, the advent of mass media has given rise to a whole new wave of beings, not all of them friendly. For every care bear or unicorn, there is a monster under the bed. Horror movies have given birth to scores of unspeakable monstrosities as a Tulpa’s form is limited only by the imagination of those who formed it.



Tulpas are beings of belief, formed and given strength by the prayers and offerings of those who worship and believe in them. While the strongest of the Tulpas ascend to the level of Loa most Tulpa are much less than this. The level of strength and power a Tulpa has is proportional to the amount of belief that exists to feed it. As beings of pure belief their shape, power, motivations, and behavior are all dependent on the one or ones who created it, and if that belief changes so to does the Tulpa itself.

Creating a Tulpa is no simple thing, and most of the time the creation takes more than a single person as though it is possible for a single being to create one the Tulpa it created would be fragile and ephemeral, disappearing as soon as its creator lost interest.

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