The In-Between

The In-Between

 Between That Which Is and That Which Is Not lies That Which Was.

The In-Between exists on the outer edges of creation, the bleeding edge between The Void and The World Of The Living. The rules which govern the living world with iron-clad surety become laxer in the In-Between, making a number of different feats possible but breeding numerous dangers alongside.

Neither here nor there but somewhere in between.


The In-Between has existed for as long as creation itself, springing into being not so much as a part of creation but rather as a consequence of creation.



While the Curtain of Creation serves as the absolute edge of existence The In-Between is its bleeding edge. The In-Between is a reflection of reality, but the sort of reflection one might find on a deep sea, on the surface a close reflection but the deeper you go the more it differs. The part of The In-Between which is closest to The World of the Living is nearly an exact duplicate, however, the further you move away from the living world the less there is with the section closest to the Curtain of Creation being nearly completely empty with The Void beyond.

Unique Properties.

Due to it’s proximity to The Void the In-Between has a number of unique properties which differ from its counterpoint, The World of the Living.

  • Belief: Foremost among the differences is the In-Between’s malleability. Whereas the fabric of reality in the living world tends to be stable and immutable with things being simply the way that they are the fabric here is more flexible. Strong emotion and belief can shape not only the physical shapes of the objects around you but can influence events themselves.
  • Void Manipulation: Whereas the World of the Living is thoroughly apart from The Void and thus is insulated from its effects the In-Between is much closer. This proximity allows for a number of effects which might be called “magic” under different circumstances as the interaction between the In-Between’s substance and that of The Void creates pure energy known as Mana which can be used in a variety of ways by those who know how.
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