$5.00 / month

Tier III Membership is the highest of the premium tiers on the site. For the membership fee of only $5 per month, you can have access to all the perks available on Tier I and II along with exclusive access to full-length erotic stories and interactive content.

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Tier III – Premium Membership

We know that paying for things is, well, a drag. Believe me, we are right there with you on that. However, running a website has a metric shit ton of fees attached to it, everything from paying for the domain to hosting ad infinitum. While we someday hope to win the lottery and leave our money cares in the past that day has not yet come and bills, well, they need to be paid. This is where membership comes in. Since the site is ad-free we rely on the funds raised through membership, including the premium membership, to help meet the costs associated with this whole shebang.

Now, before you get all bent out of shape over the whole guilt trip angle it is worth pointing out that we aren’t asking for something for nothing (though we do accept donations if you are the giving kind…), in return for the low low rate of $5 per month (which we might point out is less than a standard cup of flavored coffee) you get a host of perks. In addition to getting all of the perks of Tier II membership you also get access to content that is restricted to premium members alone, some of the more twisted examples of our erotic content.

Just to make things even more appealing, members of the Tier II membership get an automatic 15% discount on purchases made in our store for as long as you are a member (not including membership purchases).

If you would like to look around a bit before committing check out the rest of the store or check out our gallery of original erotic images.