Sick Day


Allie had spent years and thousands of dollars to get where she was today, a clinical therapist working with the impoverished and the unstable, and she loved her job. But, even a job you love can be… taxing, at times, and with a job as mentally and emotionally demanding as the one Allie had, burning out from exhaustion was a real risk. Although her job provided her with a generous amount of paid vacation and sick time actually getting to use those hours was often easier said than done. Allie had more than 80 clients on her caseload and even though some of them were only seen on a monthly basis it still added up to a very busy schedule.

Now, some of the other therapists in the office did not really care if they inconvenienced their clients, they were willing to take days off at the last minute without regard for how their absence might affect their clients. Allie though, she had got into this line of work to help people (because God knows it was not for the money…) and the thought of one of her clients might suffer because of her choices was upsetting to her. So she slaved, and toiled away, every now and then though she got lucky.

Once in a great while, though some sort of cosmic alignment of the stars, there came a day where she simply had no one scheduled, where the conjunction of cancellations, meetings, paperwork time and trainings all lined up in just the right way. It was on these days she could take some much needed R&R. 

Playing Hookie

The blaring of the alarm clock cut through Allie’s dream like a knife, ripping her from the comfortable embrace of sleep and into the living hell that was 5am on a Monday.

Fuck, it is so god damn early.” She thought to herself grumpily.

She was lucky enough to have a job that permitted her to have to work irregular hours, so instead of slaving away in a 9-5 she was had a modified schedule more suited to her desires. The upside to this was that she got a three day weekend every week, the downside to this trade off being that she had to work longer shifts the rest of the week to make up for it. Thus, in order to get off at a reasonable hour she had to get up early, and no matter what time she went to bed it always seemed that 5am came far to early.

Reaching over she silenced the alarm clock, sparing a jealous glance for her fiance, still sleeping soundly next to her. Allie shivered in the chill morning air, shrugging off the heavy blankets and getting unsteadily to her feet. Their bedroom was almost painfully cold which, while being ideal for sleeping under their heavy blankets she tended to prefer, was still something less than ideal for being anywhere else. As a rash of goosebumps spread across her bare skin she looked back longingly at the nice warm bed, reliving the struggle all over again.

I wonder what I have going today…” Allie wondered to herself, wondering if there was anything on her schedule that absolutely required her presence today.

Reaching back into the bed and fishing about she pulled her phone out of the tangle of covers and opened up her clinical schedule for the day, only to be met with something of a shock. With the exception of a single client, beside whose name a vivid red X stood, indicating the appointment had already been cancelled, Allie’s entire day was blocked out for a training. In fact, her whole day was blocked out by a training that she had, in fact, thought she had cancelled weeks ago. She realized that while she had cancelled her reservation for the training itself, she must have neglected to remove the actual block on her schedule, thus meaning that she had no clients, and nothing to do for the whole day.

As the battle in her mind started to go in the opposite direction she dropped herself back into the bed’s warm embrace, pulling the covers back over herself. She lay in bed, wrestling with herself as she tried to make up her mind all while knowing that opportunities like this were few and far between and not to be squandered when they occured.

On the one hand getting back out of her nice warm bed held little appeal as it had taken a sizeable force of will to do it the first time. On the other hand her work ethic and desire to be productive screamed somewhere  in the back of her mind that she shouldn’t let her employer down, though part of her rationalized that a single missed day where she didn’t even have clients was hardly a blow to an agency that covered 4 counties and more than a 100 employees. But, in the end when the chips were down, it was the lack of clients, meaning a long day doing paperwork alone in her office (a tedious fate often worse than death), that tipped the balance for good.

Thankfully Allie was normally a hard worker, and as such had an abundance of sick days to spare, to the point that she was actually nearing her cap for the number of days she was allowed to have. Normally that would not matter though as even with time available the pressing demands of her job typically meant that she could ill afford to miss work, often to the point that even on the occasions where she actually was sick she simply tried to push through it. So, when the rarest of days presented itself when nothing at all was happening she just had to seize the opportunity. After all, her therapist always told her that ‘self care is important’, and since she told her clients that as well she argued that she should practice what she preached least she be accused of hypocrisy. Not to mention that while she would never admit it, her judgement might have also been slightly influenced by the fact that her fiance was sleeping softly beside her, as today was one of his days off.

The matter decided Allie worked herself up before calling her supervisor, and although she really was not much of an actor she thought she did a fairly passable impression of illness on the phone, she had even gagged to make it sound like she was going to throw up, a bit theatrical perhaps but effective nonetheless. Truth be told, she suspected that he might know she was just taking a personal day and didn’t really care, but you never can tell sometimes.

After the call was made and the matter concluded she dropped her phone, rolled over in bed, and sunk down into the ultra plush mattress, overjoyed by the delicious realization that now that she was free she could sleep as long as she wanted and nothing in the world would bother her. Her increasingly heavy eyes slowly lost their battle against her beds embrace and she drifted, lulled to sleep by the slow deep breaths of the man she loved lying beside her.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

For a time Allie drifted in the dark void of unconsciousness, until, eventually, lights and colors swirled into being. As the world came into focus and the dream unfolded around her Allie found herself in her office at work. Sitting across from her was an individual she could not quite recognize. They lacked anything more than general features but in the dream Allie somehow knew that this person was one of her clients. The client buried their face in their hands rocking back and forth as their whole body was wracked with heaving sobs.

“Why weren’t you here? I needed you and you were not here?” The person sobbed.

“What? What do you mean? What happened?” Allie asked as a sharp flash of guilt cut through her.

With the mystical knowledge that can only be found in dreams Allie knew that something terrible had happened to this person, and that because she had skipped work it was somehow her fault. The hot shard of guilt and regret lodged in her chest and though she tried to voice an apology but the words simply would not come.

This… this can’t be happening…” Allie thought. “Something is wrong… Something does not… feel… right.”

She struggled against what reality told her was happening, looking around the room things started to fall into place. The hands of a clock on the wall spun idly about, moving in both directions and a pile of paperwork that had been on the desk beside her was suddenly not there when she checked again. With a flash of insight Allie realized that she was dreaming.

Along with that realization came change. The world melted around her, walls distending and reshaping until it became an odd mixture of office and bedroom. The sobbing “client” was gone as though they had never been and their mournful cries shifted to the pleasant sound of soft music.

Allie slipped into a different, and far more pleasant, dream.

Closing her eyes her nose was suddenly filled with the familiar smell of leather, latex and rubber. The pungent scents washing over her, filling her nostrils with their presence.

Trying to stand she found that she was no longer able, her efforts were hindered by some sort of restraints and Allie found that she was able to move only a few scant inches. As the thought of restraints entered her mind she became aware of the course leather cuffs, secured by heavy metal clips, which were now wrapped around her wrists. Opening her eyes Allie noticed that length of heavy rope secured each cuff and stretched out of sight to unseen anchors that secured her to the bed she now inhabited.

The world around her spun and a flash of vertigo rushed over her as it changed, where mere moments ago she had been sitting in her office, now Allie found herself face down on a bed. Now, each limb was stretched out as far as they could go, stopping just short of being painful before being secured. A wedge of some soft material was forced under her, raising her hips up off the bed and forcing her back into an arch. The position, combined with her sudden lack of clothing, left her pussy bare and exposed, ready for use in a room that now resembled an amphitheatre more than a bedroom.

Allie tried to ask what was happening, but it was when her words came out as little more than a muffled grunt that she realized the overwhelming smell of rubber was coming from a bright red ball forced neatly between her jaws, rending her unable to do more than grunt and drool.

A flash of powerful emotion rocked through her, striking into the very core of her being but although she was nude, bound, and helpless in a compromised position for some reason it was not fear that surged through her, but lust. The sudden surge of desire was all but overwhelming and a flood of moisture gathered between her legs.

The room she was in had become immense and her bed was located on a sort of raised platform in its center, lit by an unseen spotlight from above. Beyond the light she could hear the soft chatter of hushed voices belonging to unseen spectators. Allie pulled and tugged at the restraints that bound her, trying to get a better look at what was going on, oblivious to the effect that her struggles had on her audience as her bare hips twisted and writhed.

So intent was she on her efforts that she jerked in surprise when an unexpected voice called out to her “Are you ready for it?”.

Renewing her struggles Allie tried to locate the source of the voice, though as tightly bound as she was unable to move more than an inch in any direction.

The voice was deep and masculine filled with a hint of gravel that sent a shiver through her and eliciting a fresh flush of desire within her. Another shudder ran up her spine as she felt a hand brush softly across her ass, pausing for a moment to grope on cheek firmly.

The sharp crack of a hand hitting flesh resounded through the room, accompanied by a spike of pain as her ass was struck with an open palm. Allie moaned into the gag still bound between her jaws as the unseen audicance snickered appreciatively.

“Ha! I think you liked that a little too much!” Laughed the voice.

Another round of snickers answered the comment and Allie watched as a group of men stepped out of the shadows and into the light around her. She could feel her heart start to beat harder in her chest as they approached her, none wearing any more clothing than she herself. Their bodies reflected the desire she felt mirrored within herself and she thrilled as their hands reached out and touched her, caressing her skin fingers exploring the secret parts of her with impunity as she lay, bound and unable to do anything but lay back and enjoy it.

Allie moand again as the group of strangers continued their exploration of her body. Their touches were soft at first, growing in rougher and more insistent as the sense or urgency and desire in the room grew.

Her body spasmed as an intruding finger forced its way inside of her, plunging deep within and aided by her own growing need. Joined quickly by another the fingers thrust forcefully into her, twisting and exploring within and although it was nowhere near as skilled as some of her partners the rough and calloused intruder nevertheless caused her to writhe and moan. Allie felt herself yield as a third finger joined the first two and together they thrust in and out of her sopping wet cunt with reckless abandon.

Allie could feel the familiar pressure start to build inside of her as her body reacted, the strangers rough and fumbling thrusts became all the more erotic because of their unfamiliarity.

She thrashed in her restraints, her hands clenching and straining against the bonds that held her fast in an unconscious effort to grasp at her breasts as the first orgasm washed over her, but her movements were reduced her to little more than spasmodic jerks.

“Hey, I think this slut just came!” Laughed one of the voices.

Another chorus of snickers and catcalls echoed from the audience and the men around her, the statement turning her face crimson. She could feel eyes on her, watching her, witnessing her violation.

“Fuck this! Get out of my way!” Demanded a harsh voice.

Allie felt the group around her part followed by the intruding fingers withdrawing, eliciting Allie to moan in disappointment at their absence. However, no sooner had she uttered her complaint then a new intruder arrived. A thick, turgid cock, thicker by far than the fingers that had already teased an orgasm from her, forced its way inside of her, stretching the walls of her cunt wide as it slammed into her to the sound of applause.

Strong reckless hands grabbed a fistful of her hair, carelessly forcing her head backwards as he thrust into her. Again, Allie’s bonds meant that could do little but enjoy her predicament, her willing body being used to service an unknown man and reducing her to the role of fuck toy.

Rough treatment was the opposite of a problem in Allie’s book and she quickly climaxed again, her secret fantasy at last finding fulfilment. The rhythmic contractions of her pussy brought on a similar response from the stranger as no sooner had she finished cumming than she felt her partner do the same. A grunt and a groan was all the warning she had before a torrent of molten cum sprayed forth from the cock inside of her, coating the inside of her unprotected womb with his seed.

“God, she is a good time!” Laughed the man as he pulled his slowly diminishing cock from inside her. “Next!” he cried, punctuating his command with a resounding slap on her ass.

Another man took the place of the first, thrusting inside, her cunt still leaking cum from her first serving, now used as ample lubricant to facilitate the usage. He grabbed onto her hips using the grip to add leverage and power as he thrust into her again and again. As the assault on her pussy continued without mercy a chorus of laughter and cries echoed from all around the room, as his fellows and members of the audience cheered him on.

Her second partner lasted about as long as the first, little more than a one pump chump, his thrusts slowing for a moment just before his cock errupted forth inside of her, adding his seed to that of the first.

So it went, one after another, each took their position inside of her as Allie could do naught but lie their and endure their rough treatment. Though, truth be told, she would not have changed her position or their usage even if she had the option to do so. As each added their semen to the ever growing collection inside of her she could feel it leaking back out of her, running in rivulets down her legs until it formed a pool beneath her hips. Adding to the pool of bodily fluids was a similar torrent of drool ran out of her mouth, the bright red gag forcing her jaws wide while making closing her mouth completely a gross impossibility.

She lay in the growing pool, used, sore, her ass red and raw and her pussy no much better. But instead of feeling angry, scared, or upset what radiated out of her was a sense of contentment that surpassed the majority of the sexual experiences of her life.

Now, if only this was real…” She thought to herself.

With that thought the world around her dissolved again, leaving her plunging through the darkness that enveloped her.

Clean From The Inside Out

*DING DING* Chimed her phone, the notification indicating that she had received a text message.

Allie shot upright, confused for a second on where she was. Moments ago she had been living her fantasy, and now…

She felt like she had been dragged back to reality in the most cruel of ways.

I mean… I KNOW that a gangbang creampie would be, well messy… and dangerous… and so many other things… But damn, would it be fun too!” She thought to herself.  “Fuck! I mean, I may know it was a dream but damn, my pussy does not seem to have gotten the message…” She thought.

She glanced over at the quiet form of her fiance, the gentle sounds of his breathing remaining undisturbed despite her sudden motion. Although she considered waking him up for some fun she decided not to right this second. After all, he had mentioned that he was not feeling great the night before so she decided to be nice and let him sleep a bit longer.

Long rays of morning sunlight streamed through the nearby window and checking her phone she saw that she had slept another four hours after calling in sick earlier in the morning. Climbing gently out of bed so as not to disturb her fiance she was relieved to discover that while still a bit chill the room was no longer doing an impression of a frozen tundra, and while it was cold enough to make her nipples press firmly against the flimsy material of the shirt she had worn to bed it was no longer actually unpleasant.

Unlocking her phone Allie checked the message that had been responsible for waking her up in the first place. One of the coworkers she was friendly with had messaged her asking if she was ok. She smiled, touched at the concern before reassuring him that she was just playing hooky and that there was no reason to be concerned.

She decided that the best cure to a cold house was a warm shower, and she padded softly to the master bedroom, closing the door quietly behind her.

The master bathroom was one of her favorite places in the house. When they had gotten engaged and looked for a home to start the new chapter of their lives in Allie and insisted on only a few things. Firstly that she needed a room where she could have an office and some space of her own, and secondly that she wanted a bathroom that spared no expense as ever since she had been a little girl Allie had loved the water. Many were the times she had whiled away the evenings, spending long hours soaking in blissfully scalding baths and draining the hot water tank in showers that her fiance claimed were just this side of molten lava. Although she had eventually compromised and agreed to share the office with him in the bathroom she had gotten her way.

The bathroom was an immense affair, with not only the tub that she had insisted upon but a fully glassed in shower stall complete with a detachable shower head. A long counter top, currently covered with a slew of makeup and other beauty products, ran the length of one wall above which was an enormous mirror. Skylights in the ceiling allowed in ample lights, making the use of the overhead lights all but redundant during the day.

Turning on the water in the shower Allie slipped out of the shirt and gym shorts she had worn to bed the previous night. Waiting for the water to get up to temperature she surveyed herself in the mirror. Nearing 30 she was past the physical prime of her life, her days of running and training given up when she took on a desk job. But while she may have gained weight in the intervening years it did more to enhance her appearance than detract from it, or so her fiance claimed. Where at her peak she had sported a flat stomach and an understated chest now she had soft curves and an ample bust. She might no longer attract those who prefer their women slim and dainty but she certainly appealed to those more inclined towards more maternal qualities. Her soft brown hair, the only hair on her body below the neck, was cut close to her shoulders, though she typically kept it pulled back in a loose ponytail. Along with the generous additions to her chest working indoors had made her decidedly fair of skin though a healthy smattering of freckles were splashed across her slightly upturned nose.

Staring at herself in the mirror she tried to focus on the positives rather than the things she wanted to change. Something that she tried to practice when possible as another of the pieces of wisdom she habitually gave to others.

A wispy tendril of steam drifted between her and the mirror, announcing that the shower had, at last, reached an appropriate temperature. Giving up her self reflection Allie slipped inside, closing the heavy glass door behind herself.

Made of a light brown tile to counter the slate gray of the floor the shower was set into the bathroom wall, with three of four sides made of tile and the forth made of an immense slab of treated glass into which the door had been affixed. A number of alcoves were set into the inner wall, providing appropriate storage space for the various accoutrements needed for the extensive hygiene rituals Allie prefered. Spending time plucking, shaving, and exfoliating had long provided her with a sense of control that had been absent at various points in her life.

Grabbing a bottle of body wash off of the nearest alcove Allie squirted a generous helping into her hand before returning the bottle to is prior location. Adding some water to the mixture she started lathering herself up, letting out a sigh of contentment as her senses were filled with the pungent floral scent of the body wash. Starting with her neck she worked her way downwards, running her hands over bare flesh made slick by the mixture of soap and water she spent, perhaps, slightly more time than was strictly needed for the sake of cleanliness on the soft pliable flesh of her breasts, pulling and tugging at nipples made rigid by something that had nothing to do with the cold. Her hands slipped lower, gliding over the gentle curves of her stomach and hips before running over the smooth skin between her legs.

She let out a silent gasp as her fingers left soapy trails over the smooth hairless lips of her vulva, followed by one more audible when an errant finger brushed against her clit. She realized that while she may have felt satisfied in her dream, here in the waking world that did not seem to be the case.

Well, I got this detachable shower head for a reason, might as well use it…” She thought to herself, a lusty smile spreading across her face.

Detaching the shower head from its position on the wall she flicked the the selector lever, cycling through the different settings before reaching the pulse setting. Rough, rhythmic pulses of water shot out of the head, assaulting her stomach and chest before dropping down between her legs.

“Fuuuuuucckk…” Allie moaned, the pulsing flow of water thrusting against her nethers.

While the water worked on her cunt one of her hands returned to the supple flesh of her breast, pulling at her at her chest with fervent desire. Allie pulled and twisted one nipple as far as she could, stopping when the pleasure started to be mixed with to much pain before reversing direction and repeating the process. Although her breasts were large, an E cup to be precise, she lifted one fully supported only by the nipple between her fingers.

She leaned back, resting against the wall as she played. She moved herself into a position adjacent to a squat, lowing her body slightly and spreading her knees as far as she could to provide the shower head with better access. She could feel the hot water pulsing into her, massaging her clit and ruthless efficiency.

Another throaty moan escaped her lips and her body shuddered in the throes of passion as an orgasm rocked through her, leaving her breathless and gasping in its wake. But while a human partner might give her some reprieve, either out of kindness or due to their own limitations the shower head assaulting her privates had no such regard. Even as the heady rush of the first orgasm started to wane another grew in its place, the pressure building inside until she felt like she was going to burst.

When Allie finally returned the shower head to its place on the wall she struggled to stand, her legs wobbly and weak from multiple orgasms. But, at last, she felt some measure of satisfaction. She wondered though, what she was going to do with the rest of her day off…

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