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Circle is a digitally modified picture of a nude, brown-haired woman of Caucasian descent. The woman is facing the viewer with one hand on her hip and the other at her side. Her large natural breasts hang slightly and her posture provides a view of her clean shaven labia and pubic region. Behind her head is a purple circle of mysterious complexity.

This picture is an original artistic creation produced for the site. If you liked what you have seen and are interested in a high-resolution copy of your own, one is available for sale in our store. The picture can also be viewed to those with a Tier II or Tier III membership with the site. Membership carries the added bonus of an automatic discount on purchases of stories or pictures from our store. Memberships can be purchased through the store as well. Check out the option that works best for you today!

This story was written and edited by Lilly Ashwood. Lilly is the owner and operator of Lashwood Erotica and one of the primary admins at My Perverted Stories. Lilly has been writing erotica for more than a decade and has published stories in many places across the web. Lashwood Erotica serves as her home away from home and a way for her to share all of the perverted and twisted fantasies that fill her mind. Check out her about me section for answers to some of the most common personal questions she receives.

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