The Void

The Void

“In the beginning, there was nothing.”

The void is the absence of existence, its utter antithesis. Any matter exposed to the essence of the void is utterly erased. When souls who are trapped in the In-Between are destroyed they are sent into the void, into nothingness. It is whispered that to those who are enlightened there is a way to wield the essence of the void as a weapon, wiping away their enemies with devastating finality.

That Which Is Not.


At the start of creation, there was nothing and this nothing existed for a time without measure, for there was not yet something to measure with. For reasons not currently known there came to be a something that was distinct from the nothing that came before it. At first merely unique, all of what was, all that would be contained within a single point of infinite density. Then one became two, and then two became more. From this point what we would call the creation which includes The World of the Living, The In-Between, The Gates of Eternity, and everything they contain.

With the advent of creation there became two fundamental forces, that which is, and that which is not, otherwise known as The Void. As polar opposites their interaction is chaotic and destructive, reducing any matter exposed to it into pure energy which is released backward into creation. Partially protected in the initial period of expansion creation has only shrunk over time as it is consumed by The Void on all sides. Although the remaining space is still vast there will eventually come a time eons from now where the last of creation is consumed and all returns to The Void.


The Void, as opposed to Essence of the Void, is the name for the concept as a whole. It exists as an absence of existence, neither hot nor cold, light nor dark, it is merely not. The Void primarily exists beyond The Curtain of Creation which surrounds reality. The interaction between The Void and creation of any kind results in an explosive release of energy as the matter is reduced to its most fundamental state. The energy of this type, created by the interaction between the void and creation, is called Mana and can be manipulated to a number of different effects in the In-Between by those who know how.

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