The Sword of Anger Cuts All. 

One of the fundamental drives which can be manipulated in combat. Anger raises player attack and lowers player defense for the duration of combat.

Brief Descriptor.


In The Beginning.

In the beginning, there was nothing, then came the advent of creation. As matter and energy spread across the cosmos forming The World of the Living, The In-Between and everything they contain so too did Anger. Anger, along with Lust, Joy, and Fear form the so-called Primary Drives which guide all sapient beings. Although it originally existed in a formless state as the universe grew and changed and thinking beings came into existence Anger and the other Primary Drives gained a more corporeal state as their power grew.

As mankind grew and evolved from the single-celled organisms that served as their origins their ability to experiences and shape reality grew with them. While their passions and drives shaped the living world in drastic ways the effects of their existence were even more pronounced in The In-Between.



Anger is one of the fundamental drives that guide all sentient beings to some extent. Anger encompasses a number of different drives including both primal anger, righteous anger, and others. As one of the primary drives Anger also encompasses rage in all its forms and when used in combat can raise the player’s own attack at the cost of defense for the duration of combat.

Anger Nexuses

Most commonly found at nexuses where violence is abundant. Pure Anger can be harvested from a number of sources including assaults, conflicts of all forms, and even places of great violence where it may be mingled with Fear. Places of aggression, such as bad neighborhoods, police stations, and other places which cater to such experiences tend to harbor Anger Nexuses.

Anger Nexuses take the form of shimmering, translucent red orbs which seem to exude pure rage. Harvesting a Lust Nexus causes the player to relive the experience which first gave birth to the nexus as though they were living the event itself. Lust Nexuses, like all nexuses, differ depending on the events which spawned them and some may allow variations in choice others will be rigid and the player will simply observe the event without being able to affect it.

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