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A young man’s forbidden lust for his widowed stepmother drives him further and further in his efforts to satisfy his taboo desires…


My Stepmother, My Lover


Sometimes love can be found in the most unlikely of places, but what is the true difference between love and lust? With the passing of his father, a young man’s unlikely taboo fantasies suddenly become possible. As time passes the urge to act on his forbidden lust become more than he can bear, leading him to spy on his stepmother during a “solo” session in the shower. As the visions of what he had seen during his illicit voyeurism drive him further and further into lust the chance to make his dreams a reality all but fall into his lap when he stumbles upon his stepmother entangled with the neighbor’s wife in the throes of passion. But can a love so taboo ever become a reality…

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This story was written and edited by Lilly Ashwood. Lilly is the owner and operator of Lashwood Erotica and one of the primary admins at My Perverted Stories. Lilly has been writing erotica for more than a decade and has published stories in many places across the web. Lashwood Erotica serves as her home away from home and a way for her to share all of the perverted and twisted fantasies that fill her mind. Check out her about me section for answers to some of the most common personal questions she receives.

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